BRIDGE LOANS FROM $100,000 to $25,000,000

Apartments - Mobile Home Parks - Mixed-Use
Commercial - Industrial - Self-Storage - Hotel - Assisted Living

  • Bridge Reposition into Agency or Portfolio Bank Financing from 4.75% to 6.00%
  • Asset Based Lending (Bridge Loans) from 6.99% to 10% at 2 to 4 pts
  • One Week Closing (2 to 24 Hour Turnaround)
  • Streamlined Underwriting (Typically No Tax Returns)
  • Up to 100% LTV (with Additional Collateral)
  • Equity Participation Structured Financing
  • Broker Fee Protection
  • Interest Only Payments
  • Loan Terms From 6 to 36 Months
  • Distressed Note Sale


We can do little
bridge loans as well

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Our Fast Track Underwriting Software allows us to use the 80-20 Loan Underwriting Rule,  "80% of the loan decision making process is made with 20% of the property information".  We take that 20%, insert it into our software and in a matter of minutes can determine if a loan is feasible and or how to structure that loan to make sense.

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